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Uno Breeze® v2 Campervan Awning

Uno Breeze® v2 Campervan Awning

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The Uno Breeze® V2 Driveaway Campervan Awning is the smallest Campervan Awning on offer at OLPRO. Designed for van-life enthusiasts who crave simplicity and a stress-free experience whilst adding extra room to your set-up.

Use it as a cosy dining area, a sheltered lounge, or a storage space for your outdoor gear. Its versatility adapts to your needs, making it perfect for picnics, beach outings, festivals, or simply relaxing under the open sky.

Whilst staying true to our original design, the Uno Breeze V2 Campervan Awning comes with new features that will level up your camping experience. Featuring dual doors on the tunnel, the Uno Breeze V2 allows for easy access to your vehicle without the worry of traipsing mud through your awning.

Designed for convenience, the awning is now made from OLTECH® REPRO 150D  - repurposed single-use plastic bottles - making it a sustainable alternative to most Campervan Awnings on the market. The Uno Breeze V2 Campervan Awning boasts a swift, pop-up design by using OLPRO’s Breeze technology with a single-point inflation beam that makes setting up a breeze and a pitching time of just 15 minutes.

The Uno Breeze V2 will connect to your vehicle with the dual beading on the tunnel (suitable for awning rails that are 4mm or 6mm) or you can use the awnings throw-over straps.

The Uno Breeze® V2 Campervan Awning features:

  • Peak canopy pole on the front of the awning
  • Dual doors on the tunnel
  • Tension strap on the tunnel
  • Dual beading on the tunnel (4mm & 6mm)
  • 2x Cable entry points
  • Tunnel throw-over straps
  • Sewn-in Groundsheet
  • Manual pump included
  • Bright guy lines included
  • Pegs included
  • Large carry bag
  • Repair kit included

Made from:

  • OLTECH® REPRO 150D – a sustainable material that is made from repurposed single-use plastic bottles.
  • OLPRO’s Breeze® technology – reinforced TPU Beams
  • 5,000mm H/H
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