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Redknot Campers

Redknot Campers All in One Electric system Axis Core

Redknot Campers All in One Electric system Axis Core

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The Axis greatly simplifies your campervan conversion as it comes with all the difficult electrical and gas works already completed for you.

The unit is simply bolted into your van in the correct position and then you can connect the system to your appliances as needed by following the step by step instructions provided. 

This all in one electrical system allows for an easy and condensed install with all your van electrics in on easy to access system. This has been vigorously tested and gone through all the safety checks you could ever want so can rest easy knowing the Redknot all in one system is safe for you and your camper van needs.

This kit has been designed around Van Furniture’s very own U-Shape bed kit and will fit on the drivers side shorter pod. This has also been tested in our Sliding bed, L-shape Bed, 1800 Side pods.

What’s in the Box: 

  • 1 X Redknot Axis Core
  • 1 X Gas Test Record and 1 X Electrical safety Test certificate
  • Flying leads located within the Axis chassis for onward connection to a battery, solar panel, vehicle starter battery and vehicle ground.
  • 16A Commando Socket for connection to the Site/Shore power outlet.
  • 1 X Drop vent and extension pipe for venting the gas locker.
  • 6 x M10 x 60mm high tensile bolts and both standard lock nuts for mounting the unit to the vehicle floor.
  • 1 X Tool bag with the tools needed to set up the product.
  • Axis datasheet including installation instructions and links for further information.
  • Individual product technical documentation and handbooks.

The axis comes with the following components already connected, tested and ready to go:

Redknot Axis Chassis Powder coated Mild Steel chassis frame ,12v Electrics ,12v Charging system CTEK D250SE dual input 20 Amp charger with cable lengths supplied for onward connection to starter battery (via 30 Amp circuit breaker) solar panel (via MC4 connectors) and ignition live link (for smart alternators)

Fusebox 12 Way Marine Standard Fuse Box

12V Loom Connections Wago wiring centre for plug and play onward connections to Camper conversion 12V circuits

Battery Protection & Monitoring Victron Battery Protect 12/65 with Bluetooth connectivity, 100 Amp Circuit breaker protection for Leisure Battery

100 Amp Circuit breaker protection for 12V Fuse Box

30 Amp Circuit breaker protection for Starter battery link 240v Electrics

Consumer Unit Wylex 3 Module IP65 Consumer Unit , Charger Victron 7A BlueSmart IP65 Battery Charger

Residual Current Device 40 Amp 30mA Type A RCD , Miniature Circuit Breaker 16A 1P + N

Shore/Site Power connection Integrated 16Amp Commando plug to 16Amp Commando socket (Supplied loose)

Fused Spur Connection 3M of 2.5mm2 arctic cable connected to a single 3 pin socket

Gas Locker Full height gas locker designed to accommodate either a CampingGaz 904 or 907 cylinder. With gas tight seal, lockable quarter turn cams, CampingGaz regulator, flexible hose and drop vent components (supplied loose)

Gas pipework 8mm insulated and earth bonded copper piping terminating in a quarter turn isolation valve for onward connection. 


Does the Axis include the facility for hot and cold water?

  • No, this version of Axis solely covers 12V and 240V shore power Electrics and gas supply (Other versions are available at

Does the Axis include a battery?

  • No, the customer has the freedom to select a battery that best matches their leisure power needs.

Can I use any type of battery?

  • A battery should be selected for use with a Leisure system (not a vehicle starter battery), but otherwise any Lead Acid, Gel, AGM or Lithium battery can be used. It is important to align a couple of settings with your Axis so it understands which battery type you are using, but instructions for this can be found in the comprehensive emmanuel supplied.

Can I run the Axis with an Inverter?

  • Yes, it is possible to run the Axis in conjunction with an inverter. Care should be taken to wire the inverter in line with the manufacturer's instructions as well as ensuring sufficient battery capacity is available to support the high demand that can be placed on the battery whilst under duty.

What size solar panels can I connect to the MC4 connectors supplied?

  • There is no strict guidance to the overall size of solar panels (in Watts) that can be selected as they vary significantly. However, the solar panel selected should have an open circuit voltage that does not exceed 23 Volts. This would normally mean up to the region of a 150 Watt unit.

What kind of Gas bottle do I need to use?

  • The VanFurniture Axis has been designed to support either the CampingGaz 904 or 907 models. These are widely available throughout the UK and central Europe.

How much does the VanFurniture Axis weigh?

  • Without any battery or gas bottle, the Axis weighs approximately 18 kilograms.

How long is the warranty period with the Axis?

  • Due to the industry leading components used on the Axis, it comes with a no quibble 2 year warranty to ensure your peace of mind. The date of warranty will commence either from the date the unit was tested, or the date of proof of purchase, whichever is the later.
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