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Campervan Thermal Fleece 50mm

Campervan Thermal Fleece 50mm

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Take your camping trip to the next level with this Campervan Thermal Fleece 50mm!

Keep warm while you explore with the added insulation of this cozy fleece. Whether you stay long or hit the road, you'll stay snug with this toasty travel buddy fitted into your vehicle. No more sleeping in a cold van for you!

What is Thermal Fleece?

DeadSound Thermal Fleece is an insulation quilt made entirely from recycled plastic bottles. Simply cut and fit onto the interior sheet metal or into the voids of any vehicle to improve overall insulation performance and reduce unwanted noise.

Where to apply?

In voids and spaces behind the panels in the doors, side panels and ceilings.

The insulation contains no harmful chemicals or binders and is completely safe to handle without gloves or protective clothing.

  • Width – 390mm
  • Length - 10m
  • Coverage/Roll - 3.9sq.m 
  • Thickness – 50mm

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Customer Reviews

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Thermal fleece

Really nice to work with and pulls apart easily to get the size you need. No floating fibres and adhered nicely to my van interior. Great stuff.