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12V DC-DC MPPT Solar Input & 240V Mains Camper Van Electrical System CTEK

12V DC-DC MPPT Solar Input & 240V Mains Camper Van Electrical System CTEK

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In simple terms, his kit will provide you with a 12V on/off grid system and a 240V mains hook up system.

You'll be able to keep your leisure battery topped up while on the move as it charges from your vehicle via the CTEK DS250SE 20A DC-DC With MPPT Solar Input Battery Charging Kit. You can also add to this by fitting a solar panel and feeding it into the same unit. 

You can also wire up five 12V accessories (such as lights, water pump, fridge etc.) via the 5 gang main control panel which includes a built in voltmeter, dual USB ports, and a 12V socket.

Got some more tech you need charged? We'll also include a mini panel with yet another dual USB and 12V socket.

When you get to site, just simply plug into the 16A hook up to get 240V running through your van, powering a double socket, switch for your 2/3 way fridge (this can be changed to single socket if you don't have a fridge) and a single socket you use to plug in your on-board smart battery charger. This is fitted so that you can keep your 12V system powered up and leisure battery charged even when you aren't on the move.

Please note - Due to exceptional demand, the current lead time on this kit is approximately 14 days.

CTEK DS250SE 20A DC-DC With MPPT Solar Input Battery Charging Kit

The CTEK D250SE is a fully automatic, 5 stage DC-DC charger that supplies up to 20A of power to any 12V lead acid or ­lithium leisure battery from 40–300Ah.

It has ­selectable charging algorithms for standard lead acid, AGM and lithium batteries and can use power through its dual input from the alternator fitted to your van and an optional solar panel controlled by MPPT. When the service battery is fully charged, the D250SE will ­automatically redirect maintenance charge ­power to the starter battery.

The D250SE can maintain a stable output up to 20A to vehicles fitted with smart ECU controlled ­alternators and also has a temperature sensor for optimised charging, regardless of weather conditions.


  • CTEK DS250SE 20A DC-DC Battery To Battery Charger (Standard Or Smart Alternator & Solar Input)
  • 3M/5M/10M 10mm2 Red High Flex Battery Cable 
  • 2M 10mm2 Black High Flex Battery Cable
  • 5M 2.0mm2 Red Single Core Thin Wall Automotive Cable (For Switched Live (Smart))
  • 2M 2.0mm2 Black Single Core Thin Wall Automotive Cable And In Line Fuse For Lithium (For Battery Selection)
  • Set Of Leisure Battery Terminals With PVC Covers
  • 2 X Bolt Down MIDI Fuse Holders
  • 2 X 30 AMP MIDI Fuses
  • 4 X Assorted Piggy Back Fuse Holders All With 5A Blade Fuses (For Vehicle Connection)
  • 6 X 10mm2 8mm Hole Copper Crimp Terminals
  • 6 X 10mm2 6mm Hole Copper Crimp Terminals
  • 2 X Blue 8mm Hole Insulated Ring Terminals
  • 4 X Red Insulated Butt Connectors
  • 4 X 70mm Black Heat Shrink
  • 8 X 70mm Red Heat Shrink
  • 20 X Self Adhesive Cable Tie Bases
  • 20 X Cable Ties
  • CTEK D250SE Instruction Manual


  • Brand & Model - CTEK DS250SE
  • Alternator Technology - Standard & Smart
  • Solar Panel Control Technology - MPPT
  • Solar Input - 50 - 300 W (Max OCV 23V)
  • Battery Voltage - 12V>12V
  • Battery Chemistry - Lead Acid & Lithium-Ion
  • Ambient Operating Temperature - -20˚C to +50˚C
  • Input - 11.5 - 23V - 25 A
  • Lead Acid Output - 14.4/14.7V - 20A
  • Lithium Output - 14.2V - 20A
  • Supported Battery Technology - 12V WET, MF, Ca/Ca, AGM, EFB, GEL & LiFePO₄
  • IP Rating - IP65
  • Approx. Dimensions - 192mm x 110mm x 65mm


This is the main control panel for your camper van, from this, you can control up to five 12v accessories. The control panel is pre-wired for quick fitting, and the outlets are already complete with in-line fuse holders and fuses fitted.

As well as the switched outlets, the panel also comes with a voltmeter to show the current voltage of your leisure battery, a standard 12V port, and two USB A ports for charging phones etc.


To provide you with future outlets, we also include a further mini panel that provides another standard 12V port and a two USB A ports.


We've had this lead made to reduce the faff when installing the main control panel into your van.

This lead makes connections a breeze, simply install the ring terminals onto your leisure battery and connect the wires up to the panel


  • 5M lead length
  • Moulded blade fuse holder
  • Crimped and moulded 8MM ring terminals
  • Comes with 2A / 3A / 5A / 7.5A / 10A blade fuses to closely match the connected load
  • Max current - 10A


This is included in the kit as a central location to terminate all your 12V accessory negatives from the control panel.


  • Max - 100A 48V
  • Number of screw terminals - 5
  • Number of studs - 2


These chargers are designed to be permanently fitted in your camper van and provides a charge to your leisure battery, at a camping site, at home, or in fact anywhere you hook up.

CHOICE ONE - 12V 5A 7 Stage Mains Smart Intelligent Leisure Battery Charger & Maintainer.


  • Short circuit, over voltage, polarity, and over power protection.
  • Leisure battery charger output - 5A
  • Max Voltage - 13.8V Lead Acid
  • LED Charging percentage indication

CHOICE TWO - 12V 10A/9A 6 Stage (Lead Acid/AGM) / 4 Stage (Lithium) mains smart intelligent leisure battery charger & maintainer.


  • Short circuit, over charge and reverse polarity protection
  • Leisure battery charger output - 10A (Lead Acid/AGM) / 9A (Lithium)
  • Max Voltage - 14.5V Lead Acid / 14.9V AGM / 14.4V Lithium
  • LCD Screen showing charging current, battery condition and voltage


This kit will be 90% pre-assembled with all the major wiring in the consumer unit completed. All you need to do is route the cable in your van and wire up the 16amp hook up point, the switch, and sockets.

Unlike others for sale, this unit conforms to British safety standard BS 7671:2018. This is due to the sockets and switches being double pole as well as the consumer unit containing double pole RCDs and MCBs.

When using your camper in the EU, they tend to use a system where the natural is not earthed, having double pole equipment ensures a higher level of safety. The outlets are also individually protected by their own MCBs as per regulations.


  • 1 X IP65 Rated 8 Way Enclosure with Earthing Bar
  • 1 X 63A 30 mA Double Pole RCD
  • 1 X 10A Double Pole MCB For Double Socket
  • 2 X 6A Double Pole MCB For The Fridge Outlet & Single Socket
  • 1 X 13A Metal Double Socket
  • 1 X 13A Plastic Single Socket
  • 1 X 20A Metal Double Pole Switch
  • 1 X Double Socket Mounting Box
  • 2 X Single Socket Mounting Boxes (One flush and one surface mounted)
  • 1 X 240V IP44 Rated Hook Up Point
  • 5M 2.5MM Flexi Mains Cable For Hook Up
  • 3 X 3M 1.5MM Flexi Mains Cable For Sockets
  • 2M Earth Cable
  • 4 X 20MM Glands


To help with the install, we also include 100 X Cable ties and 100 X Cable tie bases with the kit.


As with all the kits and layouts provided on our site, they serve as a guide only and we recommend all wiring and installation is carried out by a qualified professional. Disconnect all AC and DC power sources to prevent accidental shock. It is the installer’s responsibility to ensure compliance with all the applicable installation codes, regulations, and to ensure the equipment is fitted correctly.

Please note that all product images are for reference only and these images may include optional extras that will endure additional costs. All product option prices are displayed on the drop down boxes when selected. If you have any questions about what you are selecting please get in touch. 

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Mike W
12V DC-DC MPPT Solar Input & 240V Mains Camper Van Electrical System

I purchased this kit to install in my T5 camper conversion and it was spot on. Pictures were clear and combined with a couple of you tube videos I had this fitted over a weekend. Would recommend.