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Campervan Seating

Yo-Yo GlideMotion Campervan Bed / Seating System 112cm

Yo-Yo GlideMotion Campervan Bed / Seating System 112cm

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  • 112cm width
  • 2 x shoulder belts
  • Air-ram assisted close
  • Sprung loaded latching with seat recliner adjustment
  • Durable, powder coated frame
  • Hinged rear storage platform
  • Bed recliner for “sit up in bed” position.
  • 2150mm Single piece aluminium rails (SWB)
  • 5 seat lock off points 
  • Underfloor fixing plates
  • Static rig test to 76/115/EEC/2005
  • Seat test Certificate

Glide motion rails and housing allow the YoYo seat to smoothly slide from the rear to the front of the van with 5 lock off points along the way. This versatile layout allows for the passengers to ride closer to front set of seats much like in a Kombi van arrangement with a large boot space behind the seat. It also allows the perfect campervan layout by being able to position the seat at the very rear of the van when required.

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