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Wolf Box Plus

Wolf Box Plus

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Meet the all new Wolf Box Plus. Also called an Ammo Box this new stackable storage box is ideal for use as a camping storage box, for fishing gear storage or as tough overlanding storage.

Built Smarter + Stronger and redesigned from scratch the new WOLF Box Plus makes light work of overland storage. Designed to stack securely with water and dust resistant nesting lids they are made from impact resistant plastic for high durability in the field. For delicate electrical or tech gear like drones our range of TENTCO canvas pouches fit inside perfectly. They won’t break the bank or out on your adventures!

Uniquely, the new Wolf Box plus is compatible/stacks securely with the old model Wolf Box / Ammo Boxes.

They are also the same size inside so all the Wolf Box Accessories (canvas organisers etc) work with either type.


  • Water Proof Design
  • WOLF Plus fits/stacks with YOUR old Wolf Boxes
  • Same Dimensions as old Wolf Box
  • Lid designed for strapping down
  • Stackable Camping Storage Box
  • Reinforced Double Layer Corners
  • Inbuilt Drains
  • New Easy to Use Thumb Catches
  • Reinforced V Sides
  • Comfortable Side Handles
  • Patent Protected
  • Made in South Africa

39.35cm W/ 50.55cm L / 23.35cm H

WARNING: When opening WOLF BOX Plus you MUST release all 4x catches before removing the lid! Do NOT undo 2x one side and try to rotate the lid or you will break it! The catches are not HINGES!

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